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    Flexible Wires for Sprinklers

    Flexible conduits for sprinklers.
    They connect the distribution pipelines to the sprinkler head and a set of mounting brackets that securely hold the unit together at the ceiling grid.
    They facilitate assembly, save time and cost of installation. No need for threading pipes, measurements and cutting.
    The products have approval: FM, UL, VdS, CNBOP, LPCB, GOST.


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    Quikcoup grooved system

    Quikcoup grooved connection system
    A new product catalog in Polish is available on our website.


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    Foam is the only way to effectively combat certain fire events. To produce such a foam, the foam concentrate must be premixed with water. The third component is the air changing the "premix" into a fire-fighting foam. FireDos® devices thanks to their sophisticated design contribute to the effectiveness of fire extinguishing systems. Approvals in fire protection applications: FM, VdS, CNBOP, GL (offshore applications).

    Design offices interested in training and cooperation, please contact us.


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    FARG float valves

    Different types of valves and floats.

    Available diameters: 3/8 "- 4"

    Working pressures: up to 12 bar

    Working temperature: up to 80 ° C


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    Water control and alarm valve model H

    Globe has been producing water-based control and alarm valves for over 100 years. At present, the H series is produced. Valves are available in various versions. They can be equipped with a delay box and various options for connecting alarm devices. A version with pressure relief is also available.
    The devices have FM / UL, CE approval.


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    Weflo launches new latches with position indicator and position monitoring (closed or open). Gate valves have flange connections (model F0255) and grooved (model F0266). Both versions are manufactured in diameters DN 50 - 300. Working pressure 16 bar. The valves are VdS certified.


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    F.F. pressure reducing valve
    with a stainless steel socket

    The pressure reducing valve is particularly recommended in both domestic and industrial installations, where high medium flows are required and the stainless steel used guarantees tightness.




Added:  2015/07/16

Certificate "Golden Payer 2014"



Added: 2015/06


We changed working hours:
Mon-Thu 8: 00-16: 30
Fri 8: 00-14: 00


Added:  2015/07/16

First start FireDos FD 6000/3-PP-S


30 June we participated in the launch of foam proportioning system.
The installation location is a new Raben warehouses in Robakowo, near Poznan.


Information about the company

IMG_20180312_131000.jpgThe company NORMBUD based in Warsaw, operating since 1998, specializes in the supply of materials and equipment for WOD - KAN installations throughout the country. We are a leader sale of fittings for fire sprinkler and sewerage systems
and waterworks. 


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